Best Dog Shoes: Urban vs. Rural Terrain

December 30, 2017


There is some debate about whether dogs should wear clothing. You might not see the necessity, however, many veterinarians give solid reasons for dogs to wear boots. If you protect yourself from harsh climates, then why not your beloved pet?

Common sense and observation should provide the answer. Take into consideration what breed of dog you have and observe your dog in the elements. Then you will see the indications whether your furry friend may benefit from wearing boots.

In The City

Dogs cool themselves by perspiring through the pads on their feet which is why protection is so important. In the summer, concrete sidewalks can reach temperatures over 100° which can burn and blister the sensitive pads of your dog’s feet. In winter, it can take only seconds for your dog’s feet to get frostbite.


Also detrimental are the salt and ice melters spread across the streets. These particles can lodge between the toes causing great discomfort as well as cuts and scratches. The ice melters are particularly harmful since they are extremely toxic.

In The Country

Many people enjoy taking a hike with their furry friend. You might be more likely to let your dog explore the wide open space without a lease. This decreases your ability to control the paths (or lack thereof) where your dog travels.


Rocks and twigs can cause scratches and cuts on your dog’s footpad. Just as a long outing in the city exposes your dog to harsh weather, the same is true in a simple country hike, especially if you climb to higher altitudes.

Best Boots / Booties

The best boot for both city and country terrain is My Busy Dog’s own bootie, voted #1 by Canine Journalfor wear on hot city pavements and deemed the best hiking boot. They have soles that grip, are water resistant, handle all rugged terrain, and are easy to put on, with reflective strips. They can be purchased on their website or on Amazon for about $35.

Animal Wellness magazine recommends three brands:

  • Pawz, made completely of rubber, are sturdy, fit well and stay on. They are sold in a 12-pack because they are disposable. Only downside to these is you may need to also purchase Pawz Jawz, a device which helps if you have difficulty placing the boots on your dog’s feet. The boots cost about $14 and an additional $11 for the Pawz Jawz.
  • Tammy and Teddy’s custom-fitted boots are made of fleece, nylon and deer hide. They don’t use padding so your dog can feel the security of touching the ground. The boots range in price from about $39 to $51.
  • Whole Dog Journal recommends Muttluks which stand up to “serious, long-term use” and met all of their criteria. They range in price from $48 to $56.

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