Does Your Dog Dance in Shoes?!

Dog Shoes Hike and Rocks

If you haven't seen a compilation of dogs in shoes you do not know what you are missing! Sometimes a good laugh is needed and I always turn to dog videos to give me a belly laugh. 

Why Do Dogs Wear Dog Shoes?

Every dog is unique and every adventure is different, but as pawrents we all care about keeping our dog safe and protected. The 5 most common reasons for dog shoes are:

  • Paw Burns (Pavement can reach 125F when it is only 77F out!)
  • Ice Melt
  • Sharp Rocks/Gravel that Tear Pads
  • Arthritis or Degenerative Myelopathy 
  • Allergies and Paw Chewing 

Is My Dog Going to Dance in Their Dog Booties?

So many pawrents think their dog is going to dance in their new dog shoes, but it does not happen with every pup. For many it is a new experience in shoes so there is definitely some initial awkward steps at first. However, with some tips and tricks you can be certain your pup is putting their best paw forward.  

Here are some of our favorite tips!

Supplies: High value treats, leash

  • Have high value treats ready. Similar to puppy kindergarten you want something they typically do not receive and if possible, no treats earlier that day. 
  • Have your dog sit or lay down. Start with one shoe on the front paw, loosen the straps, and place the paw inside. If you don’t feel their nails at the front of the shoe, slide the shoe up more. Fasten both straps securely (you should not be able to stick your finger between the leg and the straps). Reward your dog for being good!
  • Now let’s put on the second shoe in the front following the same process. Once again reward your pup! 
  • If you and your pup need a break you can start walking your dog inside with a leash. Walking indoors with a leash makes them feel comfortable. Giving them some small treats during the walk indoors helps them realize this is normal and they are doing great!
  • If your pup is doing well with the first two shoes, then add the rear shoes following the same method.
  • After your dog has all four shoes on go for another walk indoors and wait a bit before taking them outside. Get their toys and play with them while they adjust. You want your dog to see that boots can equal fun, and there’s no better way than immediately starting to play and of course treats. 
  • Once your dog adjusts inside the house you can get ready for an outdoor walk. 

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