Dog Sunscreen Could Save Your Dog's Life

February 09, 2016


You might be surprised by how many people have never heard of dog sunscreen. This essential safety product is gaining traction across the country and for good reason! Not every dog needs sunscreen though. Let’s take a look at when, how, and why to apply sunscreen for dogs.

Why Do Dogs Need Sunscreen?

Just like humans, dogs are capable of getting skin cancers  and other health issues from too much exposure to the sun. This is not true of every dog but in some cases dogs that are repeatedly soaking up the sun can not only risk cancer but can experience heatstroke. The sun is no joke!


When to Use Sunscreen For Dogs

There are three main factors that will affect your decision to use dog sunscreen or not:

    • Dogs Losing Their Hair. If your dog is losing hair due to allergies, chemotherapy, or hormonal changes then they should use sunscreen. The lack of hair can leave them without protection from the sun and this vulnerability needs to be protected.
    • Dogs That Sunbathe. Some pups love laying in the sun for hours at a time, day after day. These pooches could use some sunscreen.
    • Dogs That Spend a Lot of Time Outside. Your dog is likely fine during a quick walk down the street but if you’re going to the beach all day or on an extended camping trip then your dog likely needs dog sunscreen.


The Best Sunscreen for Dogs

The best sunscreen for dogs is made specifically for dogs. Many people wonder why they can’t simply use their own sunscreen on their dog. The reason is simple: It could poison them. Most human sunscreen has zinc oxide, which is poisonous to pooches.


Where and How to Apply Sunscreen for Dogs

You don’t need to apply dog sunscreen to your dog’s fur – only to its exposed skin. This includes the bridge of their nose, the tips of their ears, their belly, and their groin. If your dog is losing its hair you’ll also search for any bald patches and be sure to cover them.


Other Things You Can Do to Keep Your Dog Safe During Hot Months

The heat can take a toll on your pooch and you must take a number of steps to keep them comfortable. Here are some of the best vet-recommended tips to take care of your dog during the summer.

  • If your dog will be walking on hot pavement invest in dog shoes that protect their sensitive feet from burns.
  • Dehydration is one of the biggest risks during hot months. Make sure your dog always has access to plenty of water.
  • Keep them inside if possible. Your pooch may love running around outside but when it’s blazing hot out this can be a serious health risk. Do take them for short walks but try to do so in the early morning and after the sunset to avoid the hottest times of day.

Dog sunscreen, dog boots, and simply hydrating your dog can have a huge impact on their health this summer.

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