Shed Control: 5 Simple Tips To Take Control of Dog Hair

December 01, 2017


As a dog enthusiast, you understand that managing shedding is simply a small price that you must pay for the benefit of sharing your home with your beloved furry family members. Extreme shedding, however, can overwhelm even the most dedicated pet owners.

Do you find yourself abandoning black clothing altogether, spending an extra 20 minutes delicately removing strands of hair from your outfit before leaving your home, apologizing extensively for your fur-filled vehicle when commuting with coworkers, or breaking your vacuum while attempting to remove thick layers of fur from your floors and furniture?


If so, it’s time to take control of errant hair with a few simple tips.

Tip 1: Don’t Overlook The Role Of Regular Grooming

Regular grooming will help to keep your dog’s coat in top condition and guard against hair build-up. Whether you opt to visit a professional groomer, or stick with a DIY approach, regular bathing, haircuts, and brushing are clear first steps to take to gain control over shedding.

With proper grooming, you can attack excessive shedding at its source and reduce the amount of time and energy spent cleaning your floors, furniture, and clothing.

Tip 2: Support A Healthy Coat With Proper Nutrition

Excessive shedding can be a sign of poor health that often results from inadequate nutrition. A balanced diet complete with vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients and fatty acids help to promote health skin and hair. Further, some nutrients - like essential fatty acids - can help to ease the effects of conditions like allergies that can exacerbate shedding.

Tip 3: Invest In Slipcovers To Protect Your Furniture

From car seats to couches, upholstery is a magnet for dog hair. Slipcovers and car seat covers can do wonders to simplify hair removal while also guarding against stains and odors. By investing in a few slipcovers, you can consistently keep your upholstery protected even when one set is in the wash.

Tip 4: Keep A Lint Roller On Hand For Quick Clothing Touch-Ups

Even if you diligently care for your clothing, you may face a situation where you discover that your clothing is coated in dog hair only after you arrive at work. For those of us who don’t enjoy spending an entire workday covered in a fine layer of fur, a lint roller is a must-have tool for quick touch-ups. Lint rollers are small, inexpensive, and easy to store in a desk drawer or car glove compartment.


Tip 5: Remove Loose Hair With A Few High-Tech Tools

For those of you who are fans of high-tech tools for cleaning and maintenance, vacuums created specifically for the removal of pet hair may provide just the solution you seek. Lightweight, yet powerful, vacuums like the Dyson Animal help you to swiftly suction pesky hair from a variety of surfaces including hardwood floors, carpet, and furniture.

Further, attachment tools like the FURminator provide a way to add a bit of vacuum power to your deshedding pursuits. The FURminator is a dog grooming tool that attaches directly to your vacuum hose to capture hair that is freed during brushing.

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