Shopping Online Versus Brick and Mortar Shopping For a Dog


There are many reasons why one should choose a traditional store, but there are just as many reasons for choosing an online store. So, here we go!

5 Pros Of Shopping Online

Given below is a list of 5 pros of why shopping online is better than brick and mortar style for a dog’s needs:


Where else can someone comfortably shop at midnight while in pajamas curled up on the couch with their pup? Online dog shops give people the chance to shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Better pricing

Better prices are available online, because dog products come direct from the manufacturer without middlemen. Many online dog shops offer discount coupons and rebates tool. Apart from this, online dog shops are only required to collect a sales tax if they have a physical location in the state where the buyer lives.

More Variety

The choices online for dogs are truly amazing. One can get several brands and products all in one place. The stock is more plentiful.

Some online dog shops even have provisions in place to accept orders for items out of stock and ship it when the it becomes available. A person also has the option of taking business to another online store where the product is available.

Price Comparisons

Comparing and researching products and prices is much easier online in general but for dog products as well. Also, there is the ability to share information and reviews with other shoppers who have firsthand experience with a certain dog product or retailer.

No Crowds

Online shopping doesn’t require someone to deal with crowds, parking, and other dogs. And there is no reason to feel rushed while searching for the best item.

5 Cons Of Shopping Online

Given below is a list of 5 cons arguing that shopping online is not better than brick and mortar style for a dog’s needs:

Dog Play Time

Going to a physical dog shop can be a great time for the dog to socialize with other dogs, and for dog owner too, they can share doggie stories and learn from their fellow dog lovers.


Trying Out Items

When shopping at a physical store location, one can pick up and feel the product, even testing its durability and whether your dog likes it. This obviously isn’t possible in an online shopping scenario


Purchasing any products online causes some anxiety about the privacy of the dog owner’s personal information like address, telephone number, and credit card information. This concern is non-existent at a physical store, especially if paying cash.


It is much easier to know how long a store has been around if it has a physical location, opposed to a cyber one, which could quickly fold up and disappear.

Contact And Returns

Contacting an online dog retailer or returning a product to one can be much more difficult than stopping by a local Petco.


There are great reasons to use either shopping platform. Many are shifting to make the bulk of their of their purchases online, mostly due to the convenience of having items shipped directly to a residence, especially those heavy bags of dog chow.


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