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Dog Shoes-Dog Boots-Winter Paw Protection

Snow Dog Boots -- Keeping Paws Warm

As the song says – “oh, the weather outside is frightful!” Some dogs are bred for cold weather and snow, but some just don’t have the coat or paws for cold weather, let alone the white fluffy freezing-toe stuff.

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Dog Shoes-Dog Boots-Protection from Ice and Snow

Are Dog Boots Really Necessary During Winter?

Dog owners may have wondered whether their dog needs boots to protect their paws from the cold and ice. It will depend on the individual dog’s cold tolerance as well as the breed and how long the dog will be outside.

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dog shoes for winter - dog shoes that stay on

The Evolution of Dog Shoes

Online research reveals the earliest mention of dog boots in the October 1972 issue of Field and Stream... Vets agree that their paws are vulnerable to serious injury during a sled race such as the Iditarod. Or any activity outside, especially in icy or snowy conditions.


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dog shop - selecting dog gear dog shoes harnesses

Best Buy’s at the Dog Shop

Going into a dog shop (or browsing an online one), can be overwhelming with all the options and choices, but before you spend your doggie dollars on an entire seasonal wardrobe or a bunch of extras, make sure you cover the basics.

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Are there Differences Between Dog Shoes, Boots, And Booties?

Are there Differences Between Dog Shoes, Boots, And Booties?

More often than not, these three words — shoes, boots and booties — are synonymous when talking about footwear for dogs.

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Top Ten Need-To-Have Dog Shop Goodies

We are highlighting a number of dog products that you may not know about, but you could surely use for your pup. You might also know about some of these items but we will remind you why it might be a good idea to get them in order to make life easier on both your dog and you.

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The Top Selling Brands of Dog Shoes And Where to Buy Them

It is virtually impossible to avoid discussing Amazon when it comes to evaluating any top selling brands of any product, let alone an item as specific as the top selling brands of dog shoes.

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How To Get The Right Size Shoes For Your Dog

Dog shoes might sound silly, but once all the numerous benefits are known, even the most skeptical of dog parents will see they are needed.

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Why Your Dog Needs Dog Shoes

Don’t think the family dog needs dog boots, shoes, or booties? Think again. While most people think dog shoes are just for fun, there are many legitimate reasons why a dog would benefit from wearing them.

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Shopping Online Versus Brick and Mortar Shopping For a Dog

There are many reasons why one should choose a traditional store, but there are just as many reasons for choosing an online store. So, here we go!

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Selection of the Best Online Dog Shops

Luckily, there are many online choices to shop for the family’s beloved dog, from large online retailers that also have a physical location like, to specialty shops like, that specialize more in accessories for dogs like clothes and bedding materials.

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What to Look For in A Dog Shop

Major cities tend to have dog shops that meet all the needs of dog owners and their beloved companions. But, what if a dog owner doesn’t live in one of those cities, or doesn’t have the time to sit in traffic to shop there? Many of these establishments tend to be single locations, not a big box store chain that’s available everywhere, so what is a dog owner to do?

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