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Top Five Intelligent Dog Breeds

From the attentive stare that he gives while you speak, to the speed at which he learns a new trick, you know that your dog is smart. However, do you know how your dog measures up in comparison to other breeds? Further, how do you even go about ranking dog intelligence? After all, a standardized canine IQ test doesn’t least not yet.

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Air Travel With Your Dog

Taking your dog with you on long trips can be a good bonding experience. It can also be stressful for you, your family members, and your dog. There are several ways to mitigate that stress though. The main way is to educate yourself and be prepared.

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Dog Adoption Tips

There are a variety of ways to adopt a dog. Someone may pay a breeder for a pure bloodline, get a dog at a pet store, rescue a dog from a kill or non-kill dog pound or shelter, or rescue a stray dog from the city streets.

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Just How Intelligent Is Your Dog?

How do you determine whether or not someone is smart? Do you look at his or her academic experience? Or, do you use some form of standardized IQ test to assign a score to intelligence? Intelligence isn’t as easy to define as one may initially believe.

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Epic Adventures Awake: 4 Things to Do withYour Dog

Are you getting bored with your tired and true walk around the block with your dog? Has a game of catch lost all its luster? The good news is that there are tons of things you can do with your dog. Get out of your rut with these four things to do with your dog.

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Hiking with Man's Best Friend: Dog-Friendly Hiking Tips

Your dog makes a great companion on a hike and the exercise is great for their health too! However, there are a few things you should keep an eye on. Here is your all-purpose guide to hiking with your dog.

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