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service dogs need identification

Commonly Misunderstood Facts about Service Dogs

There are so many misconceptions about service dogs and unfortunately a majority of the public remains uneducated on the ADA rules protecting these individuals and their service animals.

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dog shoes-dog boots-Penni

Training Tips for Getting Your Dog to Wear Shoes

Dog shoes protect paws from the effects of harsh weather, paw burns, sharp objects, and toxic chemicals. Choosing the right pair of dog shoes and using positive reinforcement will help him adjust to his new footwear.

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First 5 Training Tips When Bringing Home A Puppy

Before you start training, make sure you puppy-proof your place. If you don’t want chew marks on it or if it could hurt the puppy, lock it up or put it where your fur baby can’t reach it.

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Introducing Dogs To Strangers and Socializing

Teaching your children how to interact with others is important for their progress in life, but how much thought have you put into socializing your furry friend? Dogs should develop their social skills within the first 3 months, but this is also the time when their immune system needs to be protected until they can receive their first immunizations. The first step in socialization must begin at home.

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Problem Pups: 5 Tips to Curb Unwanted Behaviors

Young puppies are undeniably adorable, however some of their behaviors are far from cute. By catching these actions early, you can discourage undesirable behaviors and encourage proper behaviors. Following are suggestions to help you curb five common unwanted behaviors.

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How to Calm Your Overly Anxious Dog

From a touch of nerves to almost debilitating stress, we are all familiar with feelings of anxiety. When mild, a bit of anxiety can actually increase alertness and improve performance. However, when anxiety builds to a moderate or severe level, both our performance and our health tend to suffer.

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Help Your Dog Conquer their Fear of Thunderstorms

Many of us are fascinated by thunderstorms. There is something inherently intriguing about watching the cascading sheets of rain, listening to the deep rumbles of thunder, and waiting for the intermittent explosions of lightning all from the safety of your home. Unfortunately, what we find fascinating our dogs find utterly terrifying.

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A Guide to Puppy Housetraining

As a dog-lover you know that there are few things as exciting as adopting a new pup. While welcoming a new puppy into your family is incredibly rewarding, it can also be quite challenging - especially when it comes to potty training.

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Getting Your Dog to Get Along With Other Pets

Many dogs are naturally friendly and happy to socialize with any dog or cat they meet. Some, however, aren't interested in encounters with other pets. They might become fearful, aggressive or indifferent. There are techniques to help a dog learn get along with other animals, but there's no single way to fix the issue.

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Therapy Dogs Are Not Just For The Visually Impaired Anymore

Most people are aware that therapy dogs are often used to assist visually impaired people. They may not be aware that therapy dogs are now used to help people in a variety of different situations, from those with physical problems to those with emotional issues.

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Top Popular Dog Training Myths and What To Do Instead

Both new and experienced dog owners can feel overwhelmed by the prospect of training a new pup. With such an abundance of contradictory training tips and tricks, it is only natural to feel somewhat confused. If you want to cut the confusion and approach training as efficiently and effectively as possible, you must first be able to differentiate training myths from training facts.

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You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks: Guidelines For Easy Training

Imagine the following scenario. You know that you have a task to accomplish, but you are completely unaware of the steps you need to follow, or the actions you need to take, to do so.

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