Top Ten Need-To-Have Dog Shop Goodies


We are highlighting a number of dog products that you may not know about, but you could surely use for your pup. You might also know about some of these items but we will remind you why it might be a good idea to get them in order to make life easier on both your dog and you.

Here is the list of 10 necessary dog products:

Pet Shower Curtain

You’ll be able to wash your dog thoroughly without getting thoroughly soaked yourself. This curtain is see-through and hase plastic arm holes for you to use instead of exposing yourself. You’ll be able to keep both your arms and clothes completely dry.


This product sells on for about $25.

PetPeek Fence Window

Does your dog constantly dig under the fence in the backyard, trying to get through to see what’s going down on the other side? This window will allow your dog to see what’s happening without destroying the lawn or the fence itself.

This product sells on for about $35.

Fold-Up Chair

This fold-up chair, with a compartment below the seat for a small to medium-sized dog to sit, is ideal for camping, tailgating, or the backyard. It has flaps so the dog can come and go or get zipped in for safety.

This product is available at for about $100.

Car Organizer

This organizer can hang on the back of the car seat. It has compartments to keep all your dog’s car necessities in one place like water, food, toys, treats, or a leash. Keep all your dog’s essential easily accessible while driving in the car.  

This product sells on for about $17.

FroBo Pet Bowl

This special water bowl has a lining that can be placed in the freezer. This is a more effective way than ice cubes to keep your dog’s water colder for much longer in the summer heat so they don’t get dehydrated.

This product is available at for about $30.

Light-Up Collar

This light-up collar will not only help your dog see on their dark path at night, but it will also help humans see them as they drive their vehicles on city streets.

This product sells on www.isn’ for about $16.

Doggy High-Chair

This item is for the sophisticated small dog that needs to join his people at the table.

This product sells on for about $50.

Dog Bicycle Basket

This basket is fit for a king! Or at least your pup. It has as an iron cage over the top so your dog won’t bounce out of the basket while traveling together.


This product is available on for about $135.

Pet Car Window Guard

Nothing says summer quite like seeing a happy traveling dog hanging its head outside a car window. This window will give them ample access to fresh air without the risk your dog will fall or jump out of the window.

This product is available on for about $200.

Pet Umbrella

This umbrella for your dog will keep him dry and comfortable while walking on rainy days. The ingenious item doubles as a leash.

This product is available on for about $22.

These 10 products are sure to make life easier for the dog and his owner, as well as keep him safe and sound.

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