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What to Look For in A Dog Shop

January 13, 2018


Major cities tend to have dog shops that meet all the needs of dog owners and their beloved companions. But, what if a dog owner doesn’t live in one of those cities, or doesn’t have the time to sit in traffic to shop there? Many of these establishments tend to be single locations, not a big box store chain that’s available everywhere, so what is a dog owner to do?


Dogs are natural travelers and companions, so it seems absolutely fitting that they would always go along to the pet store with their owner but there may be many very valid reasons people would make their dog-related purchases online. In addition to the possibility there isn’t a dog store nearby, it may be that the dog is in failing health, or not a good dog in a retail store situation.

Online Dog Shop Tips

What’s very convenient about online shopping for the pups is that one can set up a recurring order for dog food and any related dog products, so the stress of worrying about running out of stuff mostly goes away, aside from the occasional weather event that may delay home delivery. So, there’s no more need to haul heavy bags of dog food out of the car and up steep stairs into the apartment or house.

What’s somewhat inconvenient about shopping online for pup’s needs is that one can’t have him try a new toy to see if he actually likes it, or to put on that doggy sweater to make sure it fits him right.

Here are some online retailers that cater to dogs:

This is a good list, but by no means exhaustive. Many of these retailers have products for other types of pets in the household, such as cats, rodents, rabbits, birds, fish, and snakes.

In addition to the pooch’s favorite chow, dog owners should make sure their dog shops, online or brick and mortar, have the following categories of products:

  • Stain removers
  • Digestive and urinary tract supplements
  • Flea and tick repellents and treatments
  • Collars and Leashes
  • Toys like fetch, chew and tug toys
  • Beds and mats
  • Treats like jerky’s and chew bones

The online stores will deliver the items to the home, but so will many local brick and mortar pet stores.

The physical store also has the advantage of being dog friendly, so pooch can socialize a bit, even a lot, and doesn’t get bored sitting in the car. Many retail stores also offer grooming services and dog training classes as well. The Big Box pet stores like PetSmart and PetCo offer these services for sure, as well as veterinary services.

dog-shop-essentials can be a valuable resource for purchasing medications that are often far more expensive if bought from a vet’s office or even a retail store.

Many dog owners use both online and in-store shopping for various reasons. The nice thing is that both platforms are now able to offer a wide variety of dog products.

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