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Selection of the Best Online Dog Shops

Luckily, there are many online choices to shop for the family’s beloved dog, from large online retailers that also have a physical location like, to specialty shops like, that specialize more in accessories for dogs like clothes and bedding materials.

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What to Look For in A Dog Shop

Major cities tend to have dog shops that meet all the needs of dog owners and their beloved companions. But, what if a dog owner doesn’t live in one of those cities, or doesn’t have the time to sit in traffic to shop there? Many of these establishments tend to be single locations, not a big box store chain that’s available everywhere, so what is a dog owner to do?

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How To Keep Your Dog Safe In The Heat

You likely know the feeling of being absolutely drenched in sweat on a sweltering day. While excessive sweating can be quite inconvenient, it does have a purpose. Sweating is one of your body’s protective mechanisms used to cool you down when you face the risk of overheating. Unfortunately, unlike you, your dog is unable to sweat. Instead, overheated dogs try to cool themselves by panting.

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Introducing Dogs To Strangers and Socializing

Teaching your children how to interact with others is important for their progress in life, but how much thought have you put into socializing your furry friend? Dogs should develop their social skills within the first 3 months, but this is also the time when their immune system needs to be protected until they can receive their first immunizations. The first step in socialization must begin at home.

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Best Dog Shoes: Urban vs. Rural Terrain

There is some debate about whether dogs should wear clothing. You might not see the necessity, however, many veterinarians give solid reasons for dogs to wear boots. If you protect yourself from harsh climates, then why not your beloved pet?

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Are Dog Rain Boots Really Practical?

Are dog boots, raincoats and other rain “gear” essential for our pets’ survival or just more of a fashion statement for their proud owners? Trends show that more people are buying gear for their pets.

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Fido Fitness: 5 Options to Keep Your Dog Fit and Healthy

You are likely aware of the central role that consistent exercise plays in helping you to feel, and perform at, your best. However, do you know that the numerous benefits of exercise also apply to your dog? Dogs thrive when they are provided with regular opportunities for activity. In fact, an overly sedentary lifestyle can contribute to physical and behavioral problems like undesired weight gain, poor health, hyperactivity, unruliness, and destructive chewing or digging. Keep your dog fit and healthy with the following five options.

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Behavior Problem or Health Complication

It’s nearly impossible to perform at your best when you are feeling ill. When you are plagued by a pounding headache or an upset stomach daily disturbances and disruptions are difficult to manage. After all, a majority of your attention is focused on holding yourself together until you have the time to rest and recuperate. Others who are unaware that you aren’t feeling well may wrongly believe that you are inattentive, incompetent, or rude.

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Problem Pups: 5 Tips to Curb Unwanted Behaviors

Young puppies are undeniably adorable, however some of their behaviors are far from cute. By catching these actions early, you can discourage undesirable behaviors and encourage proper behaviors. Following are suggestions to help you curb five common unwanted behaviors.

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How to Calm Your Overly Anxious Dog

From a touch of nerves to almost debilitating stress, we are all familiar with feelings of anxiety. When mild, a bit of anxiety can actually increase alertness and improve performance. However, when anxiety builds to a moderate or severe level, both our performance and our health tend to suffer.

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Help Your Dog Conquer their Fear of Thunderstorms

Many of us are fascinated by thunderstorms. There is something inherently intriguing about watching the cascading sheets of rain, listening to the deep rumbles of thunder, and waiting for the intermittent explosions of lightning all from the safety of your home. Unfortunately, what we find fascinating our dogs find utterly terrifying.

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What to Watch For: Common Disease in Senior Dogs

With their endless energy and enthusiasm, it is difficult to imagine that puppies will ever grow old. However, just like their human companions, dogs are subject to the effects of aging. Further, with life expectancies ranging from less than ten years to nearly twenty depending on size and breed, one year of a dog’s life carries far more weight than one year of his owner’s life.

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