Whether your dog is a young pup or a senior dog, we aim to make their lives better and safer. So no matter what adventure lies ahead, you and your best friend can GO FURther with My Busy Dog.



One afternoon on my way to the grocery store, I noticed they were holding an adoption event next door.

Looking over I saw a little girl holding this tiny puppy. The girl must have been nervous because she suddenly dropped him, causing it to let out a “WHELP!” 

I raced over, picked it up, and held him. I made sure he didn’t have any visible injuries from the fall. One of the volunteers came by; “Oh you found our little guy!”

“What’s his name?” I asked. The lady shrugged, “He doesn’t have one. He’s no more than 4 weeks old and was brought to us a few weeks ago. They told us the mother was a stray and was hit by a car. The wounded mother still managed to get back to her puppies. However, the mother passed away laying beside her litter.”

It was really just one of those stories you could not believe happened. I knew we were the perfect match. I named him Kennedy, for his big brown shamrock on his back. I am forever grateful and inspired by his mother for keeping him safe up until the very end.

Kennedy is the inspiration for My Busy Dog. This guy loves to hike, run, go to the beach, sleep on the couch, feeling the wind in his ears on car rides, and even goes kayaking. Every product we use has his paw of approval.

From our pack to yours,

Ashley, Greg, Kennedy, Fitz, and Jack