Dog Boot Sizing

Typically, there are two types of dogs (we can give you a helping paw for both):

  • Stands somewhat still and is totally fine getting measured

  • Wants to move CONSTANTLY and standing still is just not happening 

    #1. Stands Still Directions

    We have created a printable ruler/sizing guide that can be found here.

    • STEP 1: Have your dog stand on the ruler provided below (starting at 0). Or if you do not want to print this guide just use a piece of paper and a ruler.
    • STEP 2: Lift opposite paw so weight is placed firmly on the one being measured.
    • STEP 3: Measure the distance of the widest part of paw. 
    • STEP 4: Choose the correct size (1-8) listed above the ruler.
    • TIP: The thickness of the pen can make the measurement look bigger than it actually is. Remember tracing your hand as a kid and it looked like you had sausages for fingers? Same principal. You want to angle the pen to get as close as possible 

    • After watching the video make sure you get as close as possible to the paw to get accurate paw measurements
    • Look at the corresponding size chart at the bottom of this page or in the photos as you decide on the perfect color for your pup, shop here.

      #2. Likes to Move it (Move it) Directions

      We totally understand it can be near impossible to get some pups to stay still so we have three alternative methods that can work to get an accurate measurement

      • Option A: If you have non-toxic play dough flatten it out on a flat surface and push your dog’s paw into it. Now you can measure the imprint. 
      • Option B: Wet the paw and stamp it on a piece of paper and then measure.
      • Option C: Find a slightly muddy spot in your yard and have your dog simply walk across it and measure the print.

      Sizing Chart

      If you have questions or want some sizing advice we are here to help! Just send us an email with your paw measurements, dog breed, and weight of your pup to