Dog Shoes 101: What Are Dog Shoes?

We have all seen those hilarious videos with a dog dancing in their new dog shoes, likely thinking “What the FLUFF are these?!” 😂

Unfortunately, in many instances you do not realize your dog needs dog shoes until it is too late, and your dog suffers from a preventable injury.

So, it is important to educate yourself on whether or not dog shoes are appropriate for them to be wearing given the situation.

Did you know that in some instances dog shoes are actually required?! In Germany the police dogs are required to wear dog shoes because of all the broken glass that was injuring police dogs.

During the Iditarod race in Alaska the dog sled teams are required to bring dog shoes for each dog on the sled to ensure the paws are not injured under the extreme cold conditions.

All we care about is that dogs everywhere are protected and ready for the adventure ahead.

We wanted to make a comprehensive guide about dog shoes and please bark back if we can answer any further questions. 

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