Dog Shoes 301: How Should I Size My Dog For Dog Shoes?

There are a lot of choices out there when selecting dog shoes to protect your pup’s paws and we know that it can be overwhelming!

We respect whichever choice you make, but regardless we want to ensure your pup gets shoes that fit and protects those paws from getting injured as that is always our top priority.

We have created multiple resources to make this process quick & painless. Below is a video tutorial our founder, Ashley, made to help you.

Below the video are written instructions as well as a downloadable PDF if you'd like to save a copy to review later. 🙂


Sizing Directions

If you let out a groan because you remember your last experience don’t worry, we are here to help. Typically, there are two types of dogs (we can give you a helping paw for both):

  1. Stands somewhat still and is totally fine getting measured
  2. Wants to move CONSTANTLY and standing still is just not happening

#1. Stands Still Directions

  • Have your dog stand on a piece of paper and lift the opposite paw to ensure the paw being measured is bearing weight
  • Angle the pen so it is against the width of the paw as close as possible
  • TIP: The thickness of the pen can make the measurement look bigger than it actually is. Remember tracing your hand as a kid and it looked like you had sausages for fingers? Same principal. You want to angle the pen to get as close as possible

#2. Likes to Move it (Move it) Directions

  • We totally understand it can be near impossible to get some pups to stay still so we have three methods that can work to get the sizing right
  • Option A: If you have non-toxic play dough flatten it out on a flat surface and push your dog’s paw into it. Now you can measure the imprint.
  • Option B: Wet the paw and stamp it on a piece of paper and then measure.
  • Option C: Find a slightly muddy spot in your yard and have your dog simply walk across it and measure the print.

Downloadable Directions

If you have questions, we put together a printable dog paw sizing guide here.

More Questions?

We are also here to support you and answer your questions. Simply bark to us at and let us know the measurements, the breed, and weight of your dog. The breed and weight allow us to look back into past customer data to help support you with sizing.

Now that you've learned about what dog shoes are, when you should put shoes on your dogs paws, and how to size your furry friends's time for you to be there Super Paw-some Parent we know you are and get your dog the protection they need!

If you want to continue learning more about our paw-some dog shoes, click here to continue.