Dog Shoes 201: When Do You Need Dog Shoes?

There are quite a few reasons why your dog needs dog shoes to protect their paws.

🐾 Hot Pavement Burns:

Did you know that at 77°F the pavement can reach 125°F, which can burn a paw in under a minute? Yes, I was shocked too!

We actually made a Facebook post about it and we would love for you to share to help prevent paws from getting burned (here is the link).

🐾 Ice Melt or Extreme Cold:

Ice melt that is commonly used to salt walkways is not dog friendly. It can irritate, cut, and burn paws and also cause your dog to incessantly lick after the walk causing sores.

During the Iditarod race, officials actually require mushers to carry booties for their dogs to prevent injuries caused by extreme cold.

🐾 Thorns/Jagged Rocks:

Thorns from pickers, cacti, and bushes can be excruciating for pups (and pawrents as they try and get them out). Having a set of dog shoes handy for hikes can make sure no injuries occur.

🐾 Traction/Mobility:

Senior dogs, tripawds, and dogs recovering from injuries often have traction challenges and as a pawrent we want to do everything we can to help.

In homes with slippery surfaces (hardwood, tile, etc.) it can often be challenging for a pup to get up and move freely about the house.

Dogs with Degenerative myelopathy (DM) and hip dysplasia typically experience a slow decline in mobility and having additional traction from dog shoes or more carpet really helps.

🐾 Allergies:

Similar to humans, dogs can have a variety of allergies. Some have allergies to certain grasses and pollens, causing them to lick or bite down on their paws. Dog shoes can ensure no allergens get in.

🐾 Convenience (Muddy Paws):

Does your dog hate when it rains? Do you hate cleaning up all the muddy paw prints throughout your home when it rains and snows? Dog shoes make clean up a breeze.

🐾 Protecting Others From Nails (scratching kids, hardwood floors):

Sometimes puppies or even older dogs have a tendency to jump on others. Puppy claws are always sharp and dog shoes help prevent any unwanted scratches on tiny humans or others you meet during a walk.

For those with hardwood floors, scratches can be the worst and having dog boots on prevent any unwanted interior decorating.