Natural Ear Cleaner

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  •  NATURALLY-DERIVED AND EFFECTIVE EAR CLEANER: Relieves itchy ears, removes dirt and buildup. Keeping ears clean helps to prevent infection and mites.
  •  VET-PROVEN, ALCOHOL, AND PARABEN FREE FORMULA: that naturally eliminates wax buildup and dirt without harsh chemicals or toxins! Contains coconut and palm to clean and soothe!
  •  EASY TO OPEN APPLICATION NOZZLE: minimizes spills. Simply apply to a cotton ball and clean your dog’s ears each week.
  •  TESTED BY MY FAMILY. PERFECT FOR YOURS: As a small, family-run, USA business your happiness is our top priority. If our Natural Ear Cleaner does not help relieve your dog’s itchy or dirty ears, or if your or your four legged friend just don’t like it we will replace it or give you your money back. Our family provides a 100% hassle-free guarantee!

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