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Protect your dog’s paws with these Secure Dog Boots

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Dogs paws are tough and can withstand most rough surfaces without suffering any issues. However, there are times when it makes sense to give your dog’s paws even more protection.

That's why we have invested thousands of dollars into research to create the Perfect Dog Boot for your furry best friend's paws. At My Busy Dog, we love all dogs especially yours! 

 My Busy Dog Secure Dog Boots

Here is what makes these Secure Dog Boots so Paw-some!

✅ Tough, rugged anti-slip sole provides stability and traction, protection from sharp thorns and hot pavement

✅ No training required for your dog

✅ Rubber sole for true paw protection

✅ Water resistant shoes keeps paws dry and warm. No more wiping muddy or sandy paws after the rain or snow

✅ Reflective double strap for secure fit

✅ Easy to put on and take off

✅ Easy Size Guide (below)

My Busy Dog Secure Dog Boots Protection and Anti-Slip

My Busy Dog Craftmanship and Secure Straps

We have sold over 70,000 of our Secure Dog Boots to happy customers all over the world! 🧡

My Busy Dog Secure Dog Boots | Happy Customers

Sizing Guide:

My Busy Dog Secure Dog Boot Sizing Chart

Sizing Guide Video:

Washing Instructions:

  • Fasten velcro and hand wash using pet shampoo (this makes sure the shampoo will not irritate your dog)
  • Air dry

Package Contents:

  • (4) My Busy Dog Secure Dog Boots

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